RJ45 LAN Connector Module

RJ45 LAN Connector Module with 1x1, 1x4, 2x1, 2x4 ports for 10/100 and 1000 Base-T application.

Product List- RJ 45 with LAN transformer
No.  P/N Application Ports Shield Tab direction EMI Fingers
1RG11884-FA1161000 Base1 x 1YesTab-downNo
2RG11884-FA117-L021000 Base1 x 1YesTab-downYes
3RG11884-FA118-L021000 Base1 x 1YesTab-downYes
4RG11884-FA125-L021000 Base1 x 1YesTab-downNo
5RG11884-FA125-L0D1000 Base1 x 1YesTab-downNo
6RG11884-FA126-L021000 Base1 x 1YesTab-upYes
7RG14884-FA100-L021000 Base1 x 4YesTab-downYes
8RG14884-FA1041000 Base1 x 4YesTab-upYes
9RG14884-FA104-L021000 Base1 x 4YesTab-upYes
10RG24884-FA1011000 Base2 x 4YesTab-upYes
11RL11884-FA11610/100 Base1 x 1YesTab-downNo
12RL11884-FA116-L0710/100 Base1 x 1YesTab-downNO
13RL11884-FA117-L0710/100 Base1 x 1YesTab-downYes
14RL11884-FA11810/100 Base1 x 1YesTab-downYes
15RL11884-FA118-L0210/100 Base1 x 1YesTab-downYes
16RL11884-FA119-L0210/100 Base1 x 1YesTab-upNo
17RL11884-FA12010/100 Base1 x 1YesTab-downNo
18RL11884-FA12110/100 Base1 x 1YesTab-downNo
19RL11884-FA12210/100 Base1 x 1YesTab-downNo
20RL11884-FA12310/100 Base1 x 1YesTab-downNo
21RL11884-FA12410/100 Base1 x 1YesTab-downNo
22RL11884-FA127-L021000 Base1 x 1YesTab-upNo
23RL14884-FA100-L0710/100 Base1 x 4YesTab-downYes
24RL14884-FA10110/100 Base1 x 4YesTab-downYes
25RL14884-FA102-L0210/100 Base1 x 4YesTab-downYes
26RL14884-FA103-L0210/100 Base1 x 4YesTab-downYes
27RL21884-FA11010/100 Base2 x 1YesTab-up on top; Tab-down on bottomYes
28RL21884-FA110-L0210/100 Base2 x 1YesTab-up on top; Tab-down on bottomYes
29RL21884-FA11110/100 Base2 x 1YesTab-up on top; Tab-down on bottomYes
30RL24884-FA10010/100 Base2 x 4YesTab-up on top; Tab-down on bottomYes
31RP11884-FA100-L02POE1 x 1 YesTab-upYes
32RP11884-FA100-L08POE1 x 1 YesTab-upYes
33RG11884-FA1381000 Base1 x 1 YesTab-downNo
34RL11884-FA140-L0210/100 Base1 x 1 YesTab-downNo
35RP11884-FA113POE1 x 1 YesTab-upNo
36RL11884-FA112-L0210/100 Base1 x 1 YesTab-downNo
37RL11884-FA103-L0210/100 Base1 x 1 YesTab-upYes
38RL11884-FA128 10/100 Base1 x 1 YesTabl-downYes
39RL11885-FA130-L0210/100 Base1 x 1 YesTabl-downNo
40RL11886-FA129-L0910/100 Base1 x 1 YesTab-upYes
41RL11883-FA131-L07 10/100 Base1 x 1 YesTabl-downNo
42RG21884-FA128-L0B1000 Base2 x 1YesTab-up on top; Tab-down on bottomYes
43RG11884-FA127-L021000 Base1 x 1 YesTabl-downYes
44RP11884-FA13610/100 Base1 x 1 YesTab-upNo
45RG11884-FA137-L051000 Base1 x 1 YesTab-upNo
46RG11884-FA1411000 Base1 x 1 YesTabl-downNo
47RG11884-FA1431000 Base1 x 1 YesTab-upNo
48RL11884-FA14610/100 Base1 x 1 YesTab-upNo
49RL11884-FA0210/100 Base1 x 1 YesTab-upNo
50RL11884-FA148-L0210/100 Base1 x 1 YesTabl-downYes
51RL11884-FA151-L0B10/100 Base1 x 1 YesTabl-downYes
52RL11884-FA149-L0210/100 Base1 x 1 YesTabl-downNo
53RL11884-FA155-L0710/100 Base1 x 1 YesTabl-downNO
54RL11884-FA157-L0210/100 Base1 x 1 NoTabl-downNO
55RL11884-FA166-L0210/100 Base1 x 1 YesTabl-downNo
56RL11884-FA168-L02 10/100 Base1 x 1 YesTabl-downYes
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